I’m taking part in Lucy and Laura’s Lost the Love/Fugly Fabric party and I have some things you might well be interested in!

First up, anyone want any teeeeny tiny 1/2″ honeycomb paper pieces? Never used as I wasn’t expecting such weeny things! I also have a fabric tube turner/ cord inserter thingy, somehow I ended up owning two… GONE!


Next up- Liberty. Yes actual Liberty Lifestyle Stile- 10 fat eighths, or 1 1/4 yards total. I won a bundle and I’ve used some, kept some and these are the ones I’m least enamoured with. To be honest I’m not a huge Liberty advocate but I know many people are. GONE!

DSCF5990 DSCF5988

Lastly I have a big big piece of vintage sheeting. It’s got to be at least 2 or 3 yards.


I’m looking for swapsies for these and I’m very flexible. I don’t expect to receive equal amounts or the newest fabric for these, but please bear in mind that I’m in the UK before you make an offer. You can email or leave a comment but I will choose the offer I like the most rather than a first come first served kind of thing, I hope that’s alright. I am a quick decider though so if I like your offer a lot right away I’m likely to accept it. Here are a few things I’m looking for but feel free to be creative and offer other stuff…

  • Machine needles
  • Piping
  • Fat eighths/quarters/half yards of blue (not aqua I have tons), red or chocolate brown fabrics (not civil war types please, they’re for something in particular)
  • Anything Basic Grey
  • Old unloved charm packs/mini charms/anything that co-ordinates
  • Part used Moda scrap bags
  • Fish or grizzly bear themed fabric scraps
  • Templates

Also whilst we’re talking about clearing out, my friend Gina has a couple of sewing machines but she is looking to sell these. Collection from North West Leicestershire unless you arrange a courier. Not sure of the price she’s looking for exactly but if you want to make an offer I am happy to play mediator.

DSCF6003 DSCF6005

This electric Singer has a beautiful stitch and is in perfect condition apart from the handle on the case has broken. The machine is fab and even comes with needles and bits and bobs in the lock up box!



And this hand cranked Singer is in a case too, and looks fantastic, however it needs a service as the timing is slightly out. I know hand cranked Singers are cool right now so this could be a good opportunity to get a gorgeous one. Get these machines before she car boots/eBays them!

I’ll be back soon with a quilting glove review and also a driving license holder tutorial!

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