Highlights from Festival of Quilts

I took some photos at the show of some of my favourites. It turns out I have a bit of a preference for applique quilts and natural colours mostly- yes that means there’s some brown quilts in there…! The show is pretty expensive to get in and park and a lot of people said it wasn’t as good this year. I disagree and enjoyed it, but it would be better value for money if they addressed the pricing.


I like the applique and piecing combination on the left, and the quilting is amazing on the right!

These brown batiks were actually shimmery and beautiful- really!

So stunning, no idea how this is done!

Tracy Aplin – Tracy’s Reel Medallion

Wow! Michal Peter-Anderson – Passacaglia with Mr. Penrose

Sarah Fielke

Teeny tiny piecing

I found my Wallander quilt!

So what’s this quilt about…?

Irene MacWilliam – A blog. Each square is a day in the life!

Cathedral windows

Alison Robins and Krista Withers – Never Again

I think this was in the My First Quilt category!!!


2nd prize in the Pictorial category

Soooo tiny!

Check out my Flickr set to see them a bit closer.

And I got some loot too- of course I did 🙂 Highlights include some applique scissors which have made life much easier already, and a Bluebird Park jelly roll which isn’t even officially out yet!

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