Things I learned at Retreat (with giveaway)

I didn’t take many pictures whilst I was away so if you want actual workshop and evening images, then please visit the Flickr group or check out all of these hashtags on Instagram #fqrlondon #fqretreat #fqr2013 (yeah I don’t know which is the official one either). I’ve been trying to track down the one of our winning pub quiz team on Instagram as I know one was taken but I’ve had no luck, so if anyone sees a picture of me looking like a nerd, please let me know ๐Ÿ˜‰

So in summary…

Paper piecing curves is a bit trickier than I thought and the iron was my best friend.

Hadley is not scary at all in real life, in fact I’ve no idea where that rumour started (yes I do) because she’s really lovely.

Liz is much younger than I was expecting! (and very very nice too, and if I don’t say it for everyone, it does apply, no one was horrible!)

Sleep is underrated. And not easy when you thought your new hotel was air conditioned.

It takes an hour to get to the retreat from central Hounslow, but I’d definitely do it again (as long as there are fewer scary angry old ladies).

Rachael is super cute (and loves accents).

Emily is pretty, sews lovely dresses and is so kind (I got free stuff!).

Joining a pub quiz halfway through is the way of winners.

Saying that there’s no way you can win anything else at the minute after a run of good luck results in winning a 31 FQ bundle of Liberty Stile!

My other prizes recently included a voucher for ยฃ10 for Village Haberdashery which I spent at the retreat (I bought other stuff too)… I learned I can spend less than I made selling necklaces!

These pieces from Julianna which I also collected at the retreat…

And ALL my swag including the swaps and freebies!

I am a numpty when it comes to cutting away backing fabric (I will repair it, honest), but I can do non circular portholes ย now. Goldfish quilt here we come! And my other projects that I haven’t yet shown you.


Giveaway time! I’m giving away these two Jen Kingwell baby quilt patterns plus some bits out of my goody bag (pins, Aurifil hand stitching thread, etc) and enhancing the scrap bag with some extra scraps of my own…


Want to win? Just leave any old comment here and I’ll draw a winner on friday evening (GMT). No strings attached.

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