Where have I been?

It’s been a very heavy going weekend. I have been doing an editing job which has been very intensive, so 16 hours a day, and that still isn’t finished. Needless to say, not much sewing has happened. I should finish my Retreat name lanyard tonight though, and I have started quilting Wallander. I’m also negotiating a giveaway prize. My evenings this week  WILL have more sewing in them. And more sleep too 😉 My next potential editing job is online children’s stories which will be much more enjoyable.

This arrived a week or so ago and I have only just got round to blogging about it! This is the result of the Free Two Bee swap I was part of and it’s lovely and a colourful low volume finish which I hadn’t anticipated when I made my first block…. which was this pinwheel, by the way!

I really love all of it and this I may only add one border to it to finish the top, so thank you to all of the ladies that collaborated to make this for me. I now just need to finish my bit on  Jan’s and hers will be on it’s way back home too!

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