Super awesome iron breaking skills

In 5 months I have killed 3 irons. I’m not sure how this has happened, but exactly the same thing keeps happening. I plug it in (with water in) it heats up then suddenly it cools down. I try and turn it off and on again but the light stays off and it stays cold. I’ve only been buying cheap irons because of this, and I’ve refused to use our good ceramic one which we use for clothes in case I kill that too.

It seems to be since I changed sockets but we’ve changed fuses, and nothing, and we can’t figure out why the fuse wouldn’t blow before the element. So now I’ve invested in one a tiny bit more expensive. I got this Breville one for a tenner from Tesco yesterday. So far so good, it has a HUGE water tank and hasn’t leaked yet… I kept the box and receipt this time just in case…


In Weekender bag news, I did the straps and pockets yesterday and sewed on the piping this morning, I’m really enjoying putting it together actually and can see myself making another, perhaps for my sister’s birthday next month. I might even be over all the cutting out by then…. Zip bit next- the panel is all basted ready for it!


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