Well I learned to stop and passed level two on Skate UK, however on trying to pass level three, turning on the outside leg on a curve using the inside blade I face-planted in front of eight children and produced more blood than I have seen in my entire life. After startling some young children on my way out of First Aid with blood all down my arms and legs, I spent yesterday afternoon in A&E at Queens Medical Centre in Nottingham, thankfully it wasn’t too busy and the nurses were all very nice. After some X-rays of my face and some horrible anaesthetic jabs I came away with just four stitches and a bruised jaw. I can’t quite open my mouth properly yet.

I put some pictures on Instagram bar the big puddle of blood I created just off the ice when the guy wanted to take a look and also my chin sling that I had to wear prior to stitches. I’m not best pleased, and I sort of predicted it in my last post. Or did I jinx myself?

You’ll be glad to know my blood soaked clothes came good in the wash which I was amazed by!

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