Bloggers’ Quilt Festival

It’s that time of year again where Amy does a BIG link up with bloggers and the quilts they want to show as part of an online quilt show.

Regular readers, I do apologise as you’re probably sick to the back teeth of this one, however it is my most recent “proper” finish and it makes a change from Wallander progress, eh? You can just skip this post, k? 😉

This is my Fryed Pixels quilt, I’m entering it in the “Art Quilt” section as even though it’s lap/wall hanging size, I’m not sure you’d actually use it for either. Well I wouldn’t, I’m actually wondering what I’m going to do with it!

It was made for the Quilt and Stitch Village show in the innovative quilts category. It looks a lot better from further away, a lot of people were being told to stand back for the full effect and the stewards were lovely about it. Here is is at the show…

And if you’re interested to know what the judge’s thought, scroll to the bottom of THIS POST.

I chose to make a picture of Stephen Fry because I wanted to do a portrait, but of a recognisable character. I chose him because everyone likes Stephen Fry! I think if I was to do it again I’d maybe choose someone more controversial just to get more of a reaction!

It’s made from 1″ finished squares and there are 1000s of them in this quilt. The piecing was done with interfacing underneath and stitching them in rows, but it still took around 30 hours of work to complete. The quilting was quite quick, it only took about 4 hours and I chose the dogwood pattern because it’s fun to stitch and unobtrusive to the patchwork design. The binding was done first as I turned it inside out for a pillowcase binding like you would around the edge of a tote bag. This was so the design flowed to the edges, there was really no need to frame the design with a binding.

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