Free Motion Feathers

I’m doing the Design It Quilt It course on Craftsy by Cindy Needham and it’s an eye opener! I have learned loads about basting and tension and threads and putting quilting designs together and light and shadow, it’s been very inspiring.I recommend this one.

So much so that my new techniques are going to be used on my Wallander quilt, which by the way I have passed the halfway point with in the piecing. I had a couple of scraggly blocks in the orphan drawer so I sandwiched them up, totally ruined the first, binned it and then attempted my first feather within the diamond shape on the second. Here it is…


It’s not great. I’m waiting for some Bottom Line thread to come for my bobbin, I’m hoping that will sort out the tension on the bottom as it’s not right, otherwise I’m going to have to slacken off my bobbin tension just slightly before I do it for real. Also I really shouldn’t have used a big 100 blunt needle from doing my QAYG bag panels as those puncture holes are huge. I could also do with better visibility when I quilt so I’m looking at getting a better free motion foot than the standard Pfaff one.

So assuming I get my thread and I can use the kimono silk thin thread to scribble around the feather shapes (which will be in green Aurifil for the top thread that is coming from Fluffy Sheep Quilting), some 80 needles, a new foot and the tension is all hunky dory, the next thing I need to work on is the actual design. The feather will actually be in the secondary diamonds between blocks. I need to get these a little closer together. I’ve also decided I don’t like the swirly stem in the centre with the pebbling, I think I’ll go as parallel as I can, keep it straight and build the feathers off there. The lines I’ve put on I think I’ll make more regular (if I have time after all the feathers!) and more of a grid with a cathedral windows style finish on segments diagonal from one another.

I wonder how much I’ll be spending on Superior Threads (and time on the actual quilting) in the future?!

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