Giveaway Winner (and lots of biscuits for Fletcher)

So, how many flying geese did I make? I had around 500 entries and NONE of the guesses were right- can you believe that? Maybe the photo could have been taken from a better angle because they were all there!

I made 72. 18 for each border in this quilt top which was started by Nan and has travelled around the UK being added to. Just one more round to be added and it’s finished.

The closest guess was Lauren Giddy99 (comment 121) who guessed 70. She wins the FQs 🙂

I think Fletcher is the true giveaway winner here. He got a lot of biscuits helping me find my scrap bag winner! They’re just Bakers Meaty Bites which most dogs would take or leave as an actual meal, but he LOVES them so we give him them as treats!

There were 5 people who guessed 75, a total of 9 entries as 4 got an extra one for following. So we have Nati, Jamie B, Keitha, Rhonda and Shaena in the mix…


He knows something is going on so I close him out of the conservatory and he waits…


Sit…. Wait… Good boy…




And the winner of the scraps is RHONDA!

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