I’ve been listing fabrics over on Crafteroo that I’m destashing- I have about 50 different bits from just short of a FQ to over a yard that must go, it’s taking up valuable shelf space.

There’s some proper fuglies in there as well as some stuff I bought that was good for my resin jewellery but has no place in my sewing now, to prints that arrived too big, or are too pink or too white for my preference. There’s some Liberty in there, some Spoonflower, some novelties, some damnsight horrible things I received in Swapbot swaps, but you never know there might be something you want or can at least use and prices start at 50p 🙂

GO HERE TO SEE MORE. I will be updating the list over the next day or two to cover everything. I’ll be including some bonus scraps with every purchase too.

If you see anything you like that’s still available, you can email me or leave a comment for me on this post or on the forum and I’ll sort it for you. And no, the pound coin for scale is not included!

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