Random weekend sewing

I went to the Quilt and Stitch Village today with four other blogging quilters you’ve definitely heard of before, probably. Anyway that will wait til tomorrow otherwise I’ll never show you what I sewed on Saturday. Aside from another Helsinki Square Dance block, I made a pouch for OH’s laptop…

It’s a bit crap. I used velcro when a zip would have been better (didn’t have any) and he says it means it’s not quite long enough. The seams don’t match well and the top stitching is atrocious, but when I finally find some zips longer than 7″ it will all get unpicked anyway. And it includes the legendary bear fabric that I’m not allowed to use on anything else but his stuff. I swear The Eternal Maker better have some more of this stuff in.

I then proceeded to make four chair cushions.

They do have ties but I didn’t think about positioning so I’ll probably just cut them off. The fabric is a charm pack of Simple Marks Summer. I actually really like Simple Marks as an idea and the weird colour combinations but I think it’s out of my system. The bottoms are some Makower Spraytime in black that was gifted to me in a big bag with other fabrics and I have A LOT of that so that was OK.

I made both of these things ad hoc, guessing the measurements and stuff as I went along so I can’t really be that disappointed!

Back to work again tomorrow. Boooo.

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