Another thing ticked off

Day before yesterday I posted off my Covert Robin gift….

Inspired by the vast amount that were swapped at the FQ retreat last year and the fact I had never actually made one, I decided to make an organiser from the Zakka book.

I must admit I didn’t really enjoy it, there were problems along the way, mostly zip related but also I forgot how to follow instructions at one part. I do require step by step instructions and hand-holding for sewing things that are 3D though! I’ve tried to look past my errors and think positive. For example, Oooh look that mini charm pack of Comma worked really well! And, It feels substantial and the zip actually works!

There’s also a resin necklace in there (from yesteryear) for the recipient and I bunged a few bits and pieces in such as a pencil and airmail stickers to make its use more apparent. Oh and I wanted to put something in the card slots but my scraps didn’t really fit so I just bunged them in anyway before wrapping it!

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