Book Review: Best of Stitch: Bags to Sew

It’s been a while since I reviewed a book so I thought it was probably about time!


This book is from the editors of Stitch magazine from Interweave Press, taking some of their best bags projects featured in the magazine and reprinting them, on release 31st May 2013 (yes I have an early copy!).


I don’t buy Stitch magazine so I’m quite happy to buy a book of reprints, especially since I would use or make a lot of the styles in this book. There are 19 projects (including one by one of my favourite hand printer/fabric designers Malka Dubrawsky and two by one of my favourite bloggers, Ayumi) in total, encompassing dress covers, wallets and purses too. Some are patchwork, some are embellished and some are more complicated in construction so it is a book for the intermediate definitely. Here are some projects that caught my eye!


Got to make this one!


This one has a built in USB hub that you just plug into a computer!


Techniques such as hand stitching and working with different materials such as wool and faux leather are covered as well as construction tips, choosing interfacing, etc. These tips aren’t right at the start of the book but are alongside projects where this knowledge would be useful, so ideal if you’re like me and start sewing first and ask questions later! Does anyone actually read all of the useful equipment, etc, etc that you normally get at the start of a book unless they are absolute beginners?


There’s a pouch of full size patterns at the back of the book which is very useful and saves endless photocopying. The photos and page layouts are pretty, it’s uncluttered and the illustrations (used where needed rather than step-by-step) are clear too, and I’d be happy to recommend this book!

RRP £16.99, released 31st May 2013.

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