A fab weekend

I had a great time this weekend. I got some charm packs and mini charms in the ranges I’m coveting but can’t afford to buy “properly”…

charm packs

I didn’t spend so long sewing that I burned out which meant I got to watch films and generally potter around, (dying my greys and whatnot) but I did finish the little bits of stitching that needed to be done to tidy up Fryed Pixels and I finished a block for the Forest QAL. Of course the dog has to photobomb first…


Previous to this I also finished my Row for the Row by Row and I’ve started on my covert robin swap gift. All I really know about my partner is that she likes to sew, so I’m making a Zakka sewing kit. I’ve not actually made anything from the Zakka book and thought I might find it hard going when there are no step by step instructions but I seem to be doing reasonably OK.

Also on Saturday was the first meeting of the East Midlands Modern Quilt Guild. There were 10 of us with a few absentees so we should be a pretty good size group soon. And we’re welcome to new members all the time too so if you fancy joining in, just drop me a line and I’ll hook you up 😉 I just have to draw up a logo now. Our next meeting is in 5 week’s time and we will be making a Weekender Bag! I’m starting to warm to the QAYG method for this as I really hate interfacing!

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