Since I seem to have posted every day this week and I won’t be blogging this weekend, I decided to do another blog post today. Here’s a picture of the mothers day cake I made last night and finished splodging with ganache this morning.


I had to cut it into quarters to get it to fit in containers though- Turns out the traditional chocolate tin is about 10mm too small!

It’s made with 10 eggs and no flour, so it really is just a big pile of baked mousse with uncooked mousse on the top and then some cream, chocolate and brandy ganache sploshed around to cover the whole thing. All these different requirements meant I used all of the bowls and tall containers I have in making this cake so I won’t be in a massive rush to make anohter unless it is truly excellent and I have someone to share it with. All the effort in whisking those egg whites to death better be worth it! Looking forward to sampling some myself!

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