Kindle Cosies

I drafted a pattern for a Kindle pouch on friday night, then saturday morning I stitched it together…

Here is my first attempt, about 1/2″ wider and 1/2″ shorter than I wanted the final result to be but the standard Kindle fits nonetheless. The button fastening is a bit tight because the pocket could do with being higher. I got to use my buttonholes on my machine and do inset zip pockets for the first time.  OH then had the thought that it would be better if I had something solid, “like cardboard” inside it to protect the screen better. I went with plastic canvas that I had for bag bottoms and hadn’t used and came up with this one…

It’s still not great as the pocket still needs moving up half an inch and I also needed to sew the lining in with a 1/2″ seam rather than a 1/4″ seam so there’s a tiny bit of repair work that had to go on but I think I’ve nailed this design now. It’s better with the top stitching too. I particularly like the handmade polymer clay button on this, also chosen by OH 😉

Both of these are on sale in my Etsy shop as sample sale items, just to get the material costs back. Please take a look if you fancy one, the first is $6 (currently £4.10) and the second is $8 (£5.47 currently) each 🙂

The next thing is, do I sell the pattern, or send it to a magazine, or keep it to myself once I’ve made a couple of perfect ones?


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