Applique and I are not best friends at the moment. I’m pretty happy with gluestick applique but I thought I’d give needleturn ago and I ended up with a blooming mess. Then I gave up and decided to machine stitch, but as the pieces were only tacked down, I ended up with weird lump bits and my tension on my machine had a moment too, so the green bits are rubbish 🙁 I’m really hoping I’ve not let Wendy down on this.


My saving grace has been blanket stitch. I mentioned this on my last post but I really love the look of machine blanket stitch, I’ve no idea why I didn’t discover this earlier! It’s also helping to tame the edges which are starting to fray a little bit after being scrunched up in a suitcase a couple of times. I am blanket stitching the petals (above) and then I’ll be able to sew the centres. 6 down, 18 to go…


I now have a photo to share of my hearts done exactly the same (courtesy of Mandy) but with fusible web underneath. I didn’t realise how much I loved fusible applique before I tried to go outside my comfort zone with this latest quilt border! So it’s more fusible applique with blanket stitch in my future I think!

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