OK so I have scheduled in a sneaky post so my blog isn’t quiet for too long!

I made these the night before I went away, as you do. The pouch is for the Triple Zip along which I learned about from Hadley, so I got that in and entered for the prizes. I found the last bit of lining quite tricky on the tutorial, to the point where the top corners are done by hand. Next time I’ll use this tutorial, then the top bits will be sewn first! The fabric is from the quilters pack of Constellations I bought at the Fabric Guild on my last trip- the small-ish pieces required lent themselves nicely, in fact I have pieces cut out ready to make another.

I need some more zips though, if anyone is thinking of bulk buying from Zipit and having them shipped over, let me know if you’re interested in going halves as the shipping cost is a bit offputting (but still cheaper than UK prices).

I also finished another applique hoop 🙂

I am probably wearing three jumpers right now but eating some very affordable food. Hockey doesn’t start until tomorrow so I’m probably pottering around a market or a museum or suchlike. I will probably be popping on to Twitter or Instagram when I get the opportunity to use free Wifi so I’ll maybe see you there?

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