A recommendation

I should say I’m not paid or affiliated with Craftsy in any way, however I am having serious fun following the Big Techniques from Small Scraps class with Sarah Fielke! As far as I’m aware this is the video version of the book” Quilting from Little Things” so I shall be buying a copy soon I hope!

I have taken a few Craftsy classes and this one by far beats them all. You learn 6 different techniques beyond the standard block format and arrangements and make a mini quilt from each. Or you can do what I will be doing and learning the techniques and then going off to make something bigger and totally different.  Everything is so clear and things I thought were difficult are actually pretty easy.

First on the list is the step down piecing which I am dying to use soon. This one will have people puzzling how your quilt is made if they’re not in the know! The picture above is nabbed from the project pool on the group and is by Ajojo– it’s a perfect example of how it looks. Also there are tips and techniques to make needle turn applique more enjoyable, deconstructed piecing (my least favourite look, but everything else is a belter so it’s fine), free curves then playing around with a few rulers such as the dresden ruler for interesting effects.

So I heartily recommend it, I’m starting my applique when I go on holiday because I need something to do in the evenings- I have my applique glue, silver pen and tin foil (yes tin foil) at the ready! The picture above is the finished applique project by sajd.

For those wondering about the quilt in my last post still, it has been revealed as a Lucy Boston Patchwork of the Crosses pattern on point and utilising some of the background pieces. The blocks are made up of elongated hexagons so I think it is English Paper Pieced. Wow. Not going to be starting one of these before I retire then!

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