Quick meal- Fish Fritters recipe

I haven’t done a recipe for a while so I thought I’d do something quite basic. Very quick and easy, taking five minutes to prepare, ideal for busy lives and also eating on a budget as all together this comes to about £1.50. This will feed 2-3 people depending on what else you decide to have with them and the size of bellies being fed!

– 1 tin of fish in brine, unflavoured oil or spring water. I used Tuna but if you’re a bit posher than me, Salmon or crabmeat would be lovely.
– 1 bag of supermarket value instant mash
– Black pepper
– Worcestershire sauce
– Breadcrumbs

1) Pour the bag of instant mash into a mixing bowl and add boiling water to make up the mash.
2) Drain the can of fish and empty into the mash.
3) Add a few scrunches of black pepper and a couple of splashes of worcestershire sauce and mix the whole lot together.
4) Get your breadcrumbs ready in a smaller bowl. Roll your potato fish mix into balls and roll in the bread crumbs. Flatten into round patties and breadcrumb again. Repeat until all the mix is gone

I just shallow fried these in oil for 5 or 6 minutes, but you could deep fry or grill them. If you have some flavoured oil to hand (like the stuff with basil or chillis in) then that would be fantastic to cook these in and will add to the flavour.

For other ideas to add a bit of zing, you could mix salt or paprika with the breadcrumbs before coating the patties. You could also substitute the Worcestershire sauce for lemon juice if you prefer zestier flavours with your fish.

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