Secret Project Revealed

Now I know the quilt has got to the recipient, I can blog my last quilt of 2012!

It actually started in the late Summer- my online friend Nic was expecting her first baby around the very end of the year and I thought it might be nice to organise a signature baby quilt from the Craft Pimp forum as a gift for her in secret, as I know she occasionally stops by and reads this blog so that’s why I couldn’t mention it til now. All my progress pictures are on Flickr but hidden as she follows me there too!

Jolene kindly set up a secret board for a group of 20 of us to communicate about the project and during Autumn, blocks were sewn by me, Jo or Nan and posted out to everyone else to write on in permanent pen or embroider. I then stitched the blocks together, quilted it and finished it. We only had one washable pen disaster (due to a rubbish shop assistant)…

Backing fabric choice…

Now baby Z has made his entrance (on 2nd January) and the quilt arrived just after and he seems pretty pleased. Look at this awesome hair!

Thanks Nic for letting me borrow the picture!

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