2013, The Year of Finishes

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This year I am going to continue with the Finish Along, now hosted by Leanne at She Can Quilt. Technically I’m a couple of days early for the link up but I also want to take part in “A Lovely Year of Finishes” too and I think these two things will work well together at keeping me motivated, however the latter deadline for link up for this is 7th January so I didn’t want to leave it too late, so please excuse my eagerness.

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For the Lovely Year of Finishes, for January, I want to finish piecing the top for my “Fryed Pixels” quilt. I did a bit more work up until about 8 this evening then I got tired (and so did Fletcher). Here’s how Mr Fry looks right now on my newly cleared, not-wide-enough design wall (more on that later)- cue heavily-edited evening photos throughout:
Yes seriously, this is all I have done- almost the top row. This is a hell of a lot of work before me but I’m determined!
Which means for the rest of the first quarter for the Finish Along (i.e. until the end of March) I want to:
1) Totally finish the Stephen Fry quilt. Quilt it, bind it everything. Because the Finish Along is all or nothing and I want to enter Quilt and Stitch Village with it and if I don’t hit deadline then there’s no way I’ll do it.
2) I want to finish quilting and bind Rain Deer Limbo, I’d say I’m nearly halfway through that (all ditch quilting is done, just got 6 more bars of misc)…
3) And I want to finish my Great Granny quilt that was on my FAL list last year. Look, look, I finished piecing the top last night! That’s why my design wall is clear for the first time in ages!
I think that’s plenty to be getting on with, especially since I have bees to sew for and I will need a lovely Finish plan for February on top. Oh yeah I will definitely be starting some new projects soon too, for “work reasons” though you understand…
P.S. Don’t forget to sign up for Shift Your Scraps if you want to mix up your scrap drawer a bit and make it a bit more appealing to work with…
P.P.S. If you contributed to Fabricate, it failed to raise the funds needed so you will have all got your refunds today.

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