Off The Wall Friday

Creations by Nina-Marie

Its been a while but I’ve decided to do a bit of a WIP update and link to Nina-Marie’s blog…

Firstly I started and finished this quilt top from an Oh Deer Jelly Roll over the Christmas break. It’s been so horrible and wet and OH has been on night shifts so he’s been sleeping throughout the day so I’ve not had much better to do that sew. I’m going to call it Rain Deer Limbo because it was made in the “Chrimbo Limbo” period between Christmas and New Year. I just need to quilt it now but I think I’ll keep it quite simple.

The pattern is from the book Jelly Roll Dreams, I did change it a bit so the one directional prints were all the right way round and I’ve taken a row off the bottom because in all truth I ran out of grey. I’m going to make a cushion cover with the rest though so its not wasted. The finished size is 52″ x 57″ and I’m going to quilt it quite simply, maybe bubbles in the grey area and just a simple ditch stitch for the colourful bits, shouldn’t take too long.

Then this is how my Stephen Fry “Fryed Pixels” quilt is now looking. I like the colours so far but I have a long way to go. This is the priority now!

Then I haven’t done any more on my Great Granny quilt, because I am bored of it at the minute. I was supposed to finish it for the end of the year as part of the finish-a-long but that doesn’t look likely now since I have another 5 blocks to do, let alone quilting and binding.

Lastly this is how my Hello Chevron quilt is looking now. Its on hold while the rest gets finished though, and also because I used up the grey for this with my Rain Deer Limbo quilt so I can’t really do much more anyway til the New Year when the shop opens and I can get identical grey. Besides, I hate trimming blocks!

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