A business post: Packaging

I’ve not written a business post for a long while and since I’ve had a small Etsy sale and I was packaging it up anyway, I thought it would be the ideal time to pass on my advice about packaging a sold item for maximum effect.

Firstly, I take the time to wrap the item. I just use tissue paper as it’s probably a “just because” present for themselves rather than a birthday or Christmas paper for example and this way it is neutral. I use as little sticky tape to secure as possible and then find a nice co-ordinating ribbon to dress it up a bit.

Why do I do this? Even though they pretty much know what it is, it’s always nice to open a gift. It makes your customer feel special than if you just bundle it straight into a jiffy bag and they will remember that- hopefully. The care and attention to wrap and item in tissue paper is quite minimal but do it if you have time. Do remember to factor in these additional materials into your finished item’s price though otherwise you will be out of pocket.

Next I attach a handwritten thank you. Literally I just write “Thank you *name of buyer*, Kerry x”. You could write this on the back of a business card (something I’ve been known to do) or even cheaper- why not make gift tags and write on those? I made these from my birthday cards I took down this morning and used my Sizzix Big Shot to die cut the shapes out. You could use all sorts of card packaging for your tags such as toy packaging, etc if it is attractive enough. You can also get tag shape punches, and of course there’s always the ever reliant pair of scissors.

Now it’s ready to be posted. I use a fresh jiffy bag (or box, depending on the item) when posting out sold items. Reusing jiffy bags is OK if it’s for a swap, but it’s a bit messy for sold items, unless you refashion them with pretty paper like in this tutorial. I don’t have time for that so I use new ones.


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