Fabric Fabulous Fry

It would have been a miracle if anyone had guessed what the block on my last post (and above) was for!

It’s actually the first block to make up my Stephen Fry pixel quilt I plan to finish for the Quilt and Stitch Village show in April (and then possibly Festival of Quilts as well if I haven’t time- or I’m feeling too lazy- to make another to enter this coming year). I cut a corner with the yellow background because I didn’t fancy making 80 little yellow squares when I could merge them together a bit. I’ve no idea why the yellow doesn’t match up along the left hand side but it will all get trimmed in the end. I’ve learned my lesson about trimming quilts now.

So I thought I’d do a little video of the process since you’ve all seen and heard me now on the Fabricate appeal. This is based on the postage stamp tutorial by Elizabeth Hartman of Oh Fransson so I recommend you go check that out. By the way I still need lots more pledges for Fabricate so please tell anyone who may be interested in subscriptions or advertising inside the magazine- I’ve brought the prices waaaaay down just for you 😉 HERE’S THE LINK I’m also looking for seed capital if an investor just happens to be strolling past this way *waves*

And here’s the video of me making block two! Well, a quarter of it anyway.


And now, back to making a billion pre-Christmas chocolates…. (exaggerating is my favourite thing in the whole world)

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