Santa baby…

Three days before Christmas it just so happens to be my birthday as well. This year I have asked for money to go towards our trip to Latvia in February (and/or Fabricate!) however with two upcoming gift days I’m making a list just in case someone I know reads my blog and is still looking for another idea. And if not this is my shopping list for next year!

Heaven and Helsinki fabrics by Patty Young
I’ve been naughty and ordered some already- I found them in a sale at Hawthorne Fabrics and I couldn’t resist since I’ve wanted this range since, ooh I don’t know, July maybe? They’re not here yet but I know I’m missing a few prints, so half yards or fat quarters of  City BlockZigzag Dots or Love Me Not would be good! Any colourway, I’m not fussy.

Quick Curve Ruler
Have you seen what this can do?! I have wanted one for ages but I’m a bit put off the price of quilting rulers so I don’t often buy them. This one is £20.

Blade sharpener
On the subject of notions with offputting prices, I really would love to buy less rotary cutter blades at £5 a pop and instead use a sharpener such as this one by Truecut. I’ve not found them below the £28-30 mark though!

50 wt Aurifil threads
I always flinch a little at the cost of buying thread as it’s only thread and nothing pretty and shiny, but Aurifil gets on so well with my machine and it comes in quite large spools. But because of the size of the spools it costs a bit more and I always have to order over the Internet which means postage on top. White or Ecru is fine for me, a black and a purple (for Heaven and Helsinki!) would be useful too.

Moda Scrap Bag
Because they’re cheap for the amount of fabric you get (compared to the ruler and thread listed here) though they are a surprise so you have to cross your fingers.

Kona Colour Card
Because really, how can you find the perfect solid for your project by comparing to an image on the computer screen? I’ve got it wrong too many times, I need a colour card! £18.

Quilting Arts magazine
I l0ve art quilting and this really is the best magazine, however with importing magazines comes an extra price and I really don’t like buying it digitally. A subscription would be nice!

I think that’s pretty much it. I’m good on the software and sewing machine front. Just a bit more time to sew would be lovely!

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