Fabricate Fundraiser!

As you may know I went for a meeting on Thursday about setting up Fabricate, a magazine for contemporary quilters in the UK released monthly. I am now pitching to raise the funds to continue, here is my video complete with erms and “telephone voice”…


The distributors were enthusiastic as craft titles are a growing sector when other magazine types are in decline. We settled on a cover price and a launch date and even the type of paper it will be printed on, however I need to pay WHSmiths for a trial period before I pay for anything else and I need to do it quickly.

With this in mind I set up on Indiegogo (it was going to be Kickstarter but I had issues verifying with them that I am actually me). I am preselling issue 1, subscriptions and also advertising space to get the ball rolling. Fundraising for Fabricate is now live- please tell your friends!


I’m looking at raising £5000 to get in half of all WHSmiths stores, the extra added on is the fee that Indiegogo take. If I don’t raise the money it doesn’t cost you anything. Only if I hit the target will I get the funding I need to start negotiation.

Thanks for your support.

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