A nice email

I randomly received this email overnight. It’s been very nearly four years since this transaction so I’m not sure what inspired the message to be sent now, however I’m glad the sender did!

hi kerry

i’m going to tell you something that will hopefully make your day 🙂

in 2008 my girlfriend got cervical cancer. i knew i wanted to propose to her one day, but once this happened & we got through chemo, i wanted to seize the day as life was too short. thankfully she got the all clear.

i booked a train to paris and looked on etsy for a ring to use to propose to her with, with the intention of finding a vintage ring in paris as her proper engagement ring.

so, i bought your ring and proposed to her with it


she said yes, we got married in 2010 and now have a 1 year old boy.

just thought you would like to know this story from your anonymous customer.


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