Book Review: Blanket Stitch Quilts

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Right-o so down to business with the latest book review. I was sent a copy of Blanket Stitch Quilts by Lynne Edwards, one of Britain’s best quilting and patchwork instructors…

I must say that it’s probably a bit quaint for me and not something I would generally pick up, however in the interests of a fair review and of course other people’s personal preferences I’m going to take a closer look…

There are eight main designs, a quilt for each and also a mini project for most of the designs, such as this elephant tote bag which I actually might make in bright batiks for a certain aunt for Christmas who is very much into ethnic arts.

Here are some of the other quilt patterns. They are- as the book title suggests- all applique quilts made with blanket stitching over the edges. I am particularly drawn to the vintage butterfly one which is really weird since I really don’t like butterflies, I just think the arrangement  of this one is really excellent.

As you work through, the appropriate templates are alongside the project, and the front of the book shows the blanket stitch technique, which is prepared by fusing the applique and then blanket stitch is added afterwards either by hand or machine. There are instructions for both methods.

Blanket Stitch Quilts has an RRP of £19.99 and is currently on sale at RUCraft for £14.99.

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