Waiting Waxwings

It’s finished and out of the wash!


Back (a vintage sheet with horses on that I found in a tiny shop in Brick Lane, East London- I thought the colours worked well even if it was a strange subject choice!):


I’ve called it Waiting Waxwings, because on two occasions I had to wait for supplies to finish it. Firstly I had to wait for some Kona Aloe to finish the very last border- I was 5″ x 18″ short to completing the top. Then I ran out of the exact shade of yellow I was using for the quilting and had to wait for 3 more spools of that to come too as I hadn’t planned for it to be so intensive- but I do love it!

Size – 56″ x 62″
Focus Fabric – Birds and Berries by Lauren and Jessi Jung
Kona colours – Corn Yellow and Aloe
Batting – Fleece interlining for curtains from the local curtain shop which goes nice and crinkly!
Quilting- Straight lines to frame it, traditional cross hatching in the centre and yellow paisley leaves around the inner border.

And it’s now in my Etsy shop.

When I was a lame teenager with the Internet and too much spare time on a Saturday afternoon, I had my own website which is long gone now. It was the days when most slightly nerdy teenagers had a Homestead or Geocities website and resided in /Soho or /TelevisionCity. In those days we used Bravenet to add all sorts of crap like guestbooks and counters, and Internet polls were one of them. So here’s a piece of nostalgia- if you could leave your vote below for the name you like best for the magazine, that would be excellent.

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The plan is still underway and I’m looking at a May release for the magazine currently as it takes 3 months to potentially pitch to WHSmiths. You will be the first to know when I’ve decided the necessary Kickstarter goal and I’ve got the ball rolling.

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