I’m shortlisted!

Amy's Creative Side

I’m shortlisted for the Penny and Fletcher quilt in the Art Quilt category in the Bloggers’ Quilt Festival! I won’t show you it yet again (snore) but I will point you over to where to go and vote, and I hope you will vote for me. There’s some fantastic entries in all of the other categories so if you have 10 minutes spare it’s well worth voting in each area for your favourites!

HERE IS THE LINK– Art Quilts are quite close to the bottom of the post. Votes sort of coincide with the US presidential election, so hopefully you’re in a voting mood at the moment anyway. The closing date is 9th November so you need to be relatively quick. Thank you everyone!

In other news, the Basic Grey swap is very lonely- there’s only two definite people in- and that includes me! So I thought I’d make a last ditch attempt to jolly along interest. For more information have a look at THIS POST but the gist is that you will be swapping 1 1/2 yards of one Basic Grey fabric in strips for a small jelly roll made up of everyone else’s fabrics. Here’s some pictures to tempt you in (images link back to source)…


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