Stick a bird on it?

I’ve been cracking on with my birds and berries quilt- I’ve got all of the squares with the corner pieces done, settled on a layout thanks to my design wall and sewn together 6 out of 9 rows (which is weird, I definitely thought it was going to be be 8 columns and 10 rows). It’s a lot smaller than I thought it would be (it’s also not lining up very well but I refuse to trim it because that’s my least favourite part of the whole process). I may add another row and another column of 5″ squares and I’m definitely going to add a couple of solid borders with a pieced one in between so that will increase the size- I still have a lot of 5 inch squares left over!

I’m wondering, do you think it might benefit from a couple of bird appliques? I’m thinking of a waxwing looking up from bottom right and one closer to the centre looking downwards with a berry in it’s mouth over the top of the borders too.

(pic borrowed from the RSPB)

Do you remember my goldfinch quilt earlier this year (below)? I like the applique because it gives an otherwise very simple quilt a focal point. What do you reckon? I think I might just sketch out the waxwings today, you know, just in case…


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