A bit more Snapdragon progress…

Just a quick post today. I have been working on something else since my last post but I’m not able to show you yet as it’s for a secret swap. I’ve not been slacking- well not too much- honest! Anyway did you notice on my last post about making this quilt for my sister, actual real life Kate Spain left a comment? 😀 I hope I can do her fabric proud, it’s all going well for now though I’ve not decided on what would make a nice backing. Any suggestions?

So that’s all the 9 patch squares done and the bits for the snowball blocks are ready for the weekend.

I ordered some bag hardware from Hong Kong too as I’ve been working on something for the Purse Palooza. Rather than bore you with two posts about it I’m going to blog it when I’ve finished. I’ve also been working a bit on my dog quilt and I shall be slightly painting it once the quilting is done…. scary.

I’ll be back with some hedgehog photos tomorrow. I really need to clean his house out tonight so it might be fun to take some more photos now he’s a bit older.

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