Logo designing

Because I’m suffering from an acute case of skintdom, with a new packaging order and road tax looming, I’ve decided to casually offer drawing services for anyone who may require a banner or a logo for their blog or craft business.

I can make them as jpgs, PDF, EPS, PS brushes, or any other file format you would prefer, in colour or black and white for the special price of £10. Just e-mail me for more details- kerry_l_wilkinsonAT!hotmail.com

Here’s two I’ve done already for Crafteroo forum members…

They start out hand-drawn from your ideas and then are vectorised in Illustrator so they will have a handmade or sketched aesthetic to them like the above ones do, whimsical if you will! I don’t do 3D modelling or suchlike, just thought I’d better let you know 😉 Also I can work with any specific colour references you like and most fonts- all the better if you can point me to a place online to download the one you want for free! I can also make these choices for you if you don’t have a firm idea of what you want and I can tweak the first version to be just right for you.

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