A finish and some more stuff to get done…

I finished my goldfinch quilt after procrastinating the actual quilting bit for a month or so. It’s a nice size- made from a whole layer cake from this Pam and Nicky Lintott book. Just a simple tumbler block pattern with an applique goldfinch on the front. Do you think I should release a pattern for the applique? Would anyone want this?


2012 Finish-A-Long

Anyway I still have other things to finish, of course, so I am linking up with Rhonda – Quilter in the Gap again this quarter to get stuff done- it worked well for motivating me to finish the footstool!

Most important is that I do the Pezzy bird quilt and have it ready for baby cousin in June. This is how it currently stands- all fabric has been bought and selected for borders and backing but only on my second bird out of 16 to piece.

I have decided to try and do two finishes this time round, so I would also like to finish my hexagons for a cushion front- not too far off that one!

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