Modern Quilting Magazine

Modern Quilting magazine comes out tomorrow! It’s a bimonthly magazine but I am fortunate enough to have found out about it early so I have subscribed and got my copy on Saturday morning- hurrah!

Anyway I was pleasantly surprised. It’s got two Amy Butler projects including the one on the cover (which actually I don’t like that much) but some fab smaller projects including a really cool handbag I must make. A lot of the contributor names you will recognise from blogland (if you read the patchwork blogs like I do) and it has designer interviews which are pretty interesting. There’s a block design competition too where the prize is a sewing machine (I don’t really want the one they’re offering but my MIL does so I shall attempt to win it for her!) and the runner up prizes are unspecified jelly rolls. It might be worth a punt! I’m glad I subscribed, it’s really refreshing compared to some of the stuffier quilting magazines that are out there. I just need to persuade Vick the editor to take some of my projects on as tutorials 😀

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