Sewalong progress

Because of various jewellery/chocolate/holiday demands and sewing machine  breakages/issues I am still about a week behind on the sew alongs.

The last installment of the napkins and placemats tutorial is today, but I still need to topstitch one napkin and slip stitch the openings on all four from week two. I also need to patch the front of the placemats which is fine because I have all the strips. To be honest I will probably get these two tasks done tonight. Here’s my napkins so far…

I’m doing slightly better on the In a Pear Tree advent calendar, mostly because I think I’m enjoying it more! I am nearly up to date with week 3 so if I get it done before Wednesday I’m still on track! I just need to get some stabiliser and some printable fabric for the images behind the windows- the tutorial uses paper but I would be happier with fabric! I’m even thinking about fussy-cutting some Christmassy fabric to put there instead. That’s a job to ponder today!

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