I don’t know how she does it…

Not the book, or even the recent SJP film, more something people have been saying about me recently. So I thought I’d share how you can really come across as doing everything without busting a gut.

My list of stuff I do is quite long in all fairness (hoping I don’t sound like I’m blowing my own trumpet here)- I work 40 hours a week, I sew (usually quilts to silly deadlines), I make wholesale jewellery orders, I pack jewellery making supply orders, I make a lot of chocolates, I do all the usual social networking stuff regularly, I keep up with all my blogs and favourite forums, I try out new crafts, I go for weekends away at the in-laws, I play Badminton on a Wednesday and I Fence on a Thursday. Recently I co-ordinated the Crafteroo Magazine effort. If I have time I will do some writing or I will call my grandparents. I eat, I sleep, I walk the dog. I might clean if I really have to.

Firstly, I make sure I have an absolute minimum of 7 hours sleep. I’m normally absolutely knackered by the end of the day and sleep easily (I don’t drink coffee!). Not always possible for some people but if you can avoid a lie-in and get up no later than 7am (I get up at 6-6.30am on a work morning so I can do stuff before I leave the house) you have a lot more of the day at your disposal. I go to bed around 10.30pm.

Another thing is I don’t have kids to take to school, wipe runny noses, feed, clothe or spend time with, so most of what I do won’t be regularly achievable- nor should it be expected- of parents who have to devote a lot of their waking hours to the little uns. However, I hear they are good for making you get up nice and early!

I am now trying to do sports for a 2-6 hours a week to keep myself fit. Healthy body, healthy mind they say! Sitting down all day is starting to take its toll- now I am on lifelong medication to control my fainting I have found it easier to gain weight and being unfit makes you feel tired, unenthusiastic and unproductive.

Work- I work between 8.30 amd 5pm. I do however try to take the shortest lunch break possible so I can leave earlier! I also work in marketing so I pick up good tips and shortcuts along the way that I can use for my businesses at home. This is also where I do my creative thinking and most of my inspiration for projects comes whilst at my desk. I do doodles on Post-it notes- you won’t believe how many loose Post-Its I have in my handbag right now! I also multi-task- I use Facebook and Twitter for work, so I also log in and do a few bits on my accounts. Bit naughty so I wouldn’t recommend it, but it does depend on your work place and your workload. I get my e-mails and order confirmations to my mobile phone so I can mentally plan how much I need to do when I get home.

I don’t watch much TV. I watch the X Factor, Doc Martin and occasionally a DVD (usually a comedy). I find most TV is just repeats and it annoys me, so I don’t lose a lot of time there. Also when I am watching TV I have to be doing something else, whether artworking a page for the magazine or varnishing some pendants. Multi-tasking is key! 🙂

I am a bit lax with housework it must be said. I’m good at keeping on top of the kitchen, the dishwasher and the washing. We buy clothes that don’t need ironing and those that do, if you hand them up long enough, most of the creases drop out anyway. If we really have to iron we do it just before wearing, otherwise you could hang something up and it gets creased in the wardrobe. Saves tons of ironing time a week! Because I live with a man of similar interests and values, he will do the hoovering, share the dog walking duties and also the cooking. This really helps (big kiss!).

Talking of  ‘im indoors, my partner works shifts, so when he is working in the evening and I have the house to myself I can get so much done without distraction- usually from the TV or needing to pop to the shop, etc. I am in my own little bubble and I make sure I get stuff done.

Generally though I think I’m a driven person. I have a mantra which has been influenced by my negative experiences in life to make a positive and I live my life by it.
Be the best you can be, do the most you can do and if you enjoy it- do it. You don’t know how long your life will be so never waste a day.

Hope that’s been an interesting(ish!) insight into how I juggle stuff!

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