Oh No Quilt

I’m secretly working on a quilt for my partner’s birthday on Monday because he’s been admiring the ones I have made so far and hinting at wanting one for himself for the winter months curled up in front of the TV. He likes boy things still despite turning 28- shooting, hunting, pirates, dinosaurs, etc and his favourite colours are reds and browns. I have tried to put a collection of these things together and it is looking a bit splodgy and unco-ordinated. I’m not too worried about this.

However the worst thing has got to be my quilt design. When I drew it based on the Quilts I had seen from the Turning Twenty pattern, it didn’t look like a swastika. In fabric it does and I’m a bit worried about this. Is it really really awful? Maybe that one particular block style with the green blocks and the brown rectangles that looks the worst needs unpicking and one of the browns replacing with something else instead? Can you tell so much when the pieces are together? I’m having a crisis of confidence!

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