Thinking about a PhD

I’ve recently been thinking about studying for a PhD part time, then I discovered Leicester University run a distance Media and Communications research program and I’m very tempted. Thing is I’m also scared because I feel like a bit of an unintelligent numpty- my first step should be to call admissions, or even fill in the form with the 3-4 pages of selling my project idea (which by the way is “Parenting and the influence of social networking”). Not only am I scared of rejection but I’m also scared of the whopping £13k cost if I don’t find funding because of the cap lifting on tuition fees, and I don’t know if this is in total or for a year- and it will take about 4-5 years to complete!  I’m a bit clueless about this to be honest, I know there is money from the Economic and Social Research council but no idea if I would be eligible.

Perhaps I should do an MA first and stop trying to cut corners- though if my proposal is good it’s not essential that I already have a postgraduate  qualification.

Anyone out there who can help me clear the fog? I’ve been out of education for a couple of years and I now find myself out of the loop and a bit clueless- but enthusiastic!