A re-encounter with resin

I’ve not felt particularly like playing with resin recently as you will have noticed. My time has been consumed with artworking the Crafteroo digital magazine, chocolate making, baking, crochet, papercraft, quilting and patchwork (let alone computer games) so there’s not really been time and it’s been nice to take a step back for a while.

I have casted these white tea and coffee motifs though and now I’m a bit stumped. I don’t really know what to do with them. I’d imagined making a series of pendants but I don’t know if that’s too boring, and also I think I need to add some colour or something to these because they’re a little bit plain in just white.

Some ideas I have had: putting in chatons in key areas (maybe eyes if it doesn’t look too scary), painting on small amounts of black paint to fill the eyes and mouths and possibly the outlines and totally starting again but with different colours or with patterned paper backgrounds.

Anyone got any creative ideas because my mojo hasn’t quite recovered enough for this yet?!

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