My first patchwork

Whilst I had the sewing machine out yesterday, I started to teach myself patchwork. I didn’t construct it in the most orthodox way of piecing the blocks and then sewing into strips, I made the blocks and started outwards from the bottom left corner! I also didn’t use a rotary cutter, as mine had exploded and didn’t baste it at all but the pieces are actually pretty small and I used my seam allowance attachment. My final two-fingers-up-to-convention was that I used the zipper foot on my machine throughout as I have lost my zig zag foot! Fear not, come payday I will order another!

So this is working pretty well and I’m not sure whether to make a wall hanging (might be too pink and girly for that!) or a cover for my sewing machine (since I lost that too!), or even a quilt for one of the little girls in the family. What do you think? Adding more to the piece tonight!

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