My poor car!

After getting settled into the new house and contending with Penny’s confusion between “indoors” and “outdoors” and where the dog toilet is situated I thought that the aggro would finally be over.

Then on Saturday some div reversed into me in Morrisons car park- bearing in mind I was stationary at the time. He said it was his fault, which I believe you should never do or it invalidates your insurance, so now I am waiting for the insurance to give me a free repair. In the meantime I have to pay out £500 excess until proven not-guilty (when I’m paying out for new house stuff and a holiday, with the possibility of OH not having a job much longer either). Blah. I am happy with the way Tesco insurance have dealt with my claim though- my car gets taken away to the garage (which is literally 1 mile away so I could walk it but taking full advantage) and my courtesy car gets delivered to the door on the same morning.

But my poor car, it’s all dented and scratched and deformed, I hope they can fix it economically, I’ve spent a fortune on it and I stll have 12 months of credit left to pay on it. I believe I have write-off insurance too though, so also sort of intrigued by getting a new one (albeit not a shiny spensive one). Sigh.

I’ll leave you with a pretty picture of my latest creations, and I still have a 15% discount running on with code “pennytweeter” valid for a couple of months if you fancy helping me pay my excess!

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