My website has been hacked and my last five orders are lining the pockets of some random nerd somewhere. I’m pretty annoyed, but sending out the orders regardless- it isn’t my customers’ faults. Everyone affected has been e-mailed and I think my web host has changed all the settings back, but it might be worth postponing any orders you were thinking of placing until tomorrow.

I decided to e-mail the culprit to the paypal address he had put in to send the order money to and this is what I put:
“Hacker boy you have stolen five of my orders- how am I supposed to feed my dogs? Please send it back to my customers- unless you fancy making some knitting needles by your own fair hands?

Also, I hear getting out in sunlight is good for you- Vitamin B and such. Maybe you won’t steal of independent business people as a hobby if you try it- you might enjoy it!

K thx bai”

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