A waste

I hate waste. So when I ended up stuck in standing traffic due to an accident on the M1 today (well two- one on each side of the road) I didn’t know what to do. I was supposed to be going to a Craft Candy Mini fair in Sheffield, but by the time I got off the M1 I was an hour and a half late with 25 miles further to go through the busy diversion, parking and setting up my stall to go. I decided to turn back. Now I feel like I have wasted an opportunity and petrol. And more importantly, the M1 is still closed hours later for “accident investigation” suggesting wasted lives too.

I’ve been made very aware of this after seeing a fatal crash on the other carriageway of the M1 when I was last heading north, and by watching Collision that has been on ITV this week. It’s frightening how quickly something like that can happen.

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