Worried about P

I am conscious that this is a craft blog, and as such, here is a picture of what I sent Jennyflowerblue in the button jewellery swap now that she has received her package:

But anyway, I am worried about Penny (aka P, Pennydog, Mrs P, The Penz, Honeypickle…), she was chasing a squirrel yesterday and it jumped over a fence, and Penny, well, she almost went through it and cut her face on the wire…

And this morning she fell over like Bambi three times getting out of bed. She nearly gave up on the idea completely. I had to pretty much carry her out of the house and into the garden. She’s been very wobbly recently, her arthritis is getting very bad, especially if she has been laid down for a long time, but there again, she is 12, maybe that’s normal….

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