PennyDog’s Progress….

Well after the mayhem that was my last post my desk is a lot tidier and I seem to be getting somewhere. I should take a picture of my desk really to prove I’m not as dirty as I appeared to be- I’ve even changed the table lining as I got uncatalysed silicone all over the place.

Anyway this was the scene yesterday morning, still a long way to go (only 6 pairs done out of 36):

By lunch time I had to stop as we had guests! (15 pairs done out of 36):

And by this morning I only had 6 more pairs to make out of 36, which I will finish later. I have run out of sunflower and spotty buttons, so some of them are sanded waiting for their toppers to arrive through the post, but I’m happier with the situation. Still some jewellery pieces to sand (including two bangles that keep messing up and I may need to recast one) and a logo plaque to go, and I’m aiming to post on Wednesday! 

I am admittedly still a little stressed as I don’t finish work until 5pm and I really want to get going on this!

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