Studio update, and make 50: week 17

It’s been a little while- moving has been very hectic, but I’ve taken a few pictures of the progress of the workshop so far. Not finished yet mind, very untidy!

I went to Ikea on Thursday for some more furniture, and ended up with towels, plates, glasses, the usual really- tsk at Ikea! I was on my own so had to do the trip around the shop in 2 gos, and have some burly men help me get my glass cabinets into my car. That’s part of another story though, the shop area won’t be started on until the carpet is replaced, but one room at a time is enough for me!

I had to drive sat right up against the steering wheel to get everything in!

Still on Thursday, I emptied out the boot and put down some plastic matting under the messy work areas- I learned from my mistake of ruining a rug at the other house!

Built me a desk and moved an existing bookcase I had into the room, along with all of my paraphenalia. I also claimed our old kitchen table- I had drilled holes in it a few months back anyway!

Put plastic backing up for “the spray zone”, built a wheely chair and brought in another desk, bookcase and chest of drawers from my craftroom at the other house. Still not enough storage!

After this I had a couple of days break as I had orders to fulfill and of course the rest of the house to organise- though not done yet! In other exciting news, we got 4 ex-battery chickens and pending a home check this week, we could well be getting another doggy on the weekend, whom will be renamed either Eric, Leonard or Baxter, not decided yet!

Anyway, this is the room as I left it this morning, tidier, but still in need of more storage and organisation!

And a rather unusual make for me last week, a bangle from Dichro Findings with added reindeer and tree 🙂

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