Comic Relief

Another quick post since it’s been a busy week just to update you on how well we did in the Crafteroo Folksy shop. W have since taken about £25 more for the charity. This is my official statement as published on the Folksy blog (

From 7th February to 14th March, we had 97 sales amounting to £597.83 solely from the Folksy shop, and donating a total of £622.83 as a final amount due to an item selling by secret auction also. This was a brilliant effort and truly unexpected, we only thought we’d raise £200 maximum, and it really is down to everyone who donated, bought or both! The support has been fantastic from Folksy members, a few making an appearance on the Crafteroo forum eager to donate. There are some special donators that would like to thank- Gill from Hollingdale Designs, who sold a massive 23 sets of buttons over this time, amounting to £64.95, and due to the success has started selling the buttons in her own shop too. Also the most money raised by an individual was £72.95 by GlassKanvas, and the highest value individual item was a £25 ring sold by Nic from Murano Silver, who is relatively new to the forum. Our biggest thanks go to our buyers, we couldn’t have done it without you. We plan to make a comeback later in the year, setting up the shop again for Children in Need, but until then we will be drawing the shop to a close and begin delisting in about a week’s time, so there’s still a little while to get some last minute purchases in!

Here’s some of the items sold by the shops mentioned above!


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