My new hobby

Reading The Warren blog on Saturday (, I stumbled across the Geobunny’s story (photo above from the blog) and quite fancied a go at Geocaching.

Geocaching is a bit like electronic orienteering, with the hope of finding “treasure” (though usually this is all kinds of tat in a lunchbox to make it less desirable for thieves) or geocoins, which then travel around the world between different geocachers and geocaches. For more information and to find your local sites (there’s more than you think) here: We found 8 geocaches on Sunday and the OH is even setting his own up today, and a GPS device is on order as we’ve just had to go by the clues so far. It’s amazing how many of these we had passed (in Tesco’s carpark for example) and not known. We’re hooked!

If you like the look of the Sock Bunnies, these can be bought from Anna on Folksy here:

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